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This is the personal library & website consisting of text, music excerpts, and vocal scores which are under active copyright of the composer R. Jacquelyn Deshchidn and may not be used under any circumstances without the explicit permission of the composer-vocalist as each work is for legal purposes property exclusively of the Indigenous composer and becomes part of their estate to be handled by authorized tribal members of the San Carlos Apache Nation only. In light of the ongoing struggle to protect the cultural heritage status of Indigenous musicks, any violation regarding usage of Indigenous musics will be dealt with in similar regard to reporting violations with the Indian Arts and Crafts act, as Jacquelyn and any other named composers appearing within this space are protected and do not release any rights to utilize materials herein for any purpose outside of the Indigenous collective space formed herein by the appearance of this statement.


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Honoring the Indigenous requests to modernize the Indian Arts and Crafts act, please see the following excerpt:

One comment requested that the requirement in § 309.7(h) note 2—that the labor component of an “Indian product” must be entirely Indian—be stated boldly in a prominent location at the beginning of the final rule to emphasize its paramount importance. This comment has been adopted and incorporated in the key definitions of Indian product under § 309.2(d).


Several respondents requested that a range of items, such as food and agricultural products, music, poetry, and stories, be included as examples of Indian products. Two of these respondents also requested that “Indian product” be defined in the broadest way possible. One respondent stated that “Indian product” includes any “typically Indian product” designed and produced by Indians. One respondent requested that “Indian product” be defined as any product made by an Indian, while another respondent requested that the definition of “Indian product” be narrowed.


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                              FIELD HEARING


                               BEFORE THE


                      COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS

                          UNITED STATES SENATE




                             FIRST SESSION




                              JULY 7, 2017


" The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) 

promotes economic development and cultural perpetuation in Indian 

Country through its mission: to define, introduce, grow and sustain 

American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism that honors 

traditions and values. Cultural tourism creates jobs and supports the 

teaching of each tribal nation's distinct food, language, art, music, 

dance and cultural practices across generations.

    The Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB) has partnered with AIANTA 

to present consumer information, marketing information and protections 

available to tribal artists and to educate various publics about 

authentic tribal arts and crafts.

    Art and crafts are integral to tribal cultures and heritage and 

represent important sources of revenue for tribal members and their 

families. AIANTA supports strengthening enforcement of the Indian Arts 

and Crafts Act through changing laws to allow for an aggregation of 

individual transactions that would enable federal prosecutors to more 

effectively prosecute largescale distributors who violate the Act. We 

also support more education and training of local, state and federal 

enforcement officers and increased funding for investigations, 

especially in the areas of Internet sales and making sure imports of 

Native American-style arts and crafts are indelibly marked with the 

country of origin.

    Tourist and other consumers' confidence in the purchase of 

authentic American Indian arts are essential to authentic tribal 

tourism. Consumer education materials by the Indian Arts and Crafts 

Board educates visitors to Indian Country and gives them confidence in 

their purchases.

    We commend Senator Tom Udall and the Senate Committee on Indian 

Affairs for taking up this important strengthening of the Arts and 

Crafts Act

                                          Camille Ferguson,

         Executive Director, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism 


 (see for further info.

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